Meta Defender V3 Overview

Meta Defender is a decentralized insurance protocol built on the blockchain. It is compatible with both the most popular EVM and the Substrate framework, and is designed to provide insurance for transactional and non-transactional assets on the blockchain by users. In the meantime, Meta Defender is also working to apply blockchain technology to real-world insurance scenarios, becoming an important addition to the traditional insurance industry.
Although blockchain insurance is not a new topic, the fact is that emerging crypto assets have never really had effective financial backup and protection. In addition to the lack of user awareness of insurance, existing blockchain insurance has not moved away from price options, but the object of insurance, obviously, should include a broader range of non-traded assets.
Meta Defender will evaluate the code security and financial risk of the project when selecting projects for coverage.The final form of the project will not only be an insurance protocol, but also a set of credit rating standards of Web3 world.


Meta Defender has a unique pricing algorithm, liquidity management and governance mining mechanism. It also has received a number of accolades for partnering with the industry's most advanced solution providers. Get a quick overview with the following table of contents:

Project Architecture:

Economic Model:


Token Allocation and Economy: